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Digimon Yuri Fans!!! [18 Nov 2012|09:53am]

For the fans!!!


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Digimon Redux - An AU Digimon RPG [24 Apr 2010|09:00pm]




In 2001, on Earth, a group of children go on a school camping trip. Seven children vanish during the first day with no trace. Since then and the case has gone cold. Only the families of the missing children remember what happened.

In the Digital World, though, seven children have turned from saviors into tormentors and tyrants. The Digidestined, children chosen to rescue the DigiWorld, have instead enslaved the world to their wills.

Nine years later, Gennai is finally able to send out for help. So begins Digimon Redux.

!Premise | !Rules | !Application | !Characters | !FAQs

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I'm starting a doujinshi [20 Feb 2010|02:46pm]

[ mood | good ]


I didn't join until I can contribute.

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[01 Dec 2008|06:41am]

Hey, This is a little silly Miyako/Sora Femeslash I'm writing.

Title: Girl Love
Author: Lizzie (renzik)
Pairing: Sora x Miyako
Rating: R for making out
Summary: Sora and Miyako get together to talk over a drink, after meeting at a department store, but it leads to something more.

Chapter 1: Shopping is fun- OH GOD IT'S SORA I'M SO NERVOUSCollapse )Miyako sighed and spoke again. "I was kinda hoping we could talk, over a drink. I have some important stuff to talk about with you, if you don't mind." Miyako said, still blusing, hardly able to look Sora in the eyes, constantly glancing at the other girl's legs. Sora gave another one of those Warm smiled, that jarred Miyako just enough to make her blush again, and said "Sure! What's wrong, Miyako-chan?" Sora said as they walked and bought drinks and sat down to talk.

"Well.....this is really hard to say, but, here it is. I'm a lesbian. and I've had feelings of love for you for the past 2 years. I wanted to let you know so some kind of accident or isunderstand happens, so it won't destroy our friendship. I just, admire you so much. I'm attracted to girls that have a toned figure from playing sports. but you've also been a good friend to me for years. you've got into fights to protect me. I could only hope to be half of what you are. I have, for the longest time, enjoyed watching you play Soccer. in fact, I wanted....I wanted to play with you if you'd teach me, but I thought it'd be inapropriate to play with you unless you knew that I liked you, and well, that working out with you and playing together might affect my attraction to you." Miyako said. "It's very complicated."

Sora was of course, a bit shocked and suprized, and was blushing, but the truth of the matter was that she was like that, too. and she needed a new girlfriend, and well.....She liked Miyako back. Sora stood up and approached Miyako, and kissed her on the neck, a bit stongly to show how much she liked Miyako, letting a small hickey, but taking care to not hurt her, as well as ran a hand up and down from the lap of Miyako's skirt, down the purple stocking, and rubbing the top of the boot. "Shhhhhhh." Sora said. "How you feel and your quirks are perfectly natural, and well, you don't have to be afraid and careful if the other girl likes you back."

Miyako was taken completely off guard, and was blushing. "I....But I, I have this thing for clothes, I thought you thought you'd find me weird if you knew I watched you at Soccer because I thought you looked incredible in Soccer clothes, and I wanted....to make out with you after practices, if we....ever became a couple." Miyako said.

Sora smiled and said "A clothing tick really isn't a big deal for me. Come on, Miyako-chan, I dated Tachikawa Mimi, In fact, the fact that you remind me of her before she ran back to Micheal just increses my own attraction for you. Your thing for outfits is adoreable. Why do you thiink I rubbed your skirt, stocking, and boot just now? Don't sell yourself short, you look and dress amazing." Sora said smiling as she strongly gripped Miyako around her waist, holding Miyako's arms in place. "If it's okay. I wanna take you away to my place. and we can talk more......among other things." Sora said, grinning. Miyako blushed and nodded her head and Sora gripped and took her out of the store with her.</div>

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New member, looking for a Digimon Yuri RP partner. [18 May 2008|05:56pm]

Hey there, I'm new here, and well, I generally see a large lack of Digimon Yuri stuff around, I'm not super good at writing fic, so, I was wondering if any of you out there would be willing to RP some Digimon Yuri stuff with me.

I'm particularly interested in finding someone who might like to RP Hikari in a yuri context. I see such a lack of matieral involving Hikari at all, even then it's Takari 99 percent of the time. I had some interesting ideas, if anyone could play as Hikari for me.

my contact info is:

AIM: Granis255

MSN: digiotaku@hotmail.com

E-mail: granis25@gmail.com

Please contact me if you're interested!
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[13 May 2008|12:57pm]

Due to my lack of being able to register at With the Will (the mods finally had to give up on finding the cause of why), I found Patamon's World Forum! I'm working with the webmistress to bring life back into it!

Please come by and register to chat with other fans, sell and trade your Digimon stuff, and more!


Thank You =D
x-posted everywhere
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[06 May 2008|10:52am]

Hi there guys!

I've made a new community for Digimon Collectors.

Here is a community where you can discuss Digimon merchandise from figures to doujinshi to anything! Please read the rules and regulations under TAMER INFO before posting. =D

Feel free to post stuff you're selling or trading or even a wish list as long as it's DIGIMON RELATED. <3

Post your collections! Do you collect Digimon plushes? Have that Tamer you're absolutely obscessed with? Post it!

Have a question about an item? Like, "Where can I get that Veemon plush doll with the D-3 clock?" Post it!

Please join here: digimoncollect

Thanks! =D
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Fic: Painful Recognition 10/? [04 Apr 2008|04:40pm]

Disclaimer: Digimon isn't mine. D:
Title: Painful Recognition
Series: post-02
Rating: R at most
Pairing: Taito, Sokari, some Yamakeru, unrequited Taisuke
Chapter: 10/?
Summary: Taichi and Yamato's relationship is rocky at best and things only get worse when Daisuke moves back to town and triggers a series of events that only complicate matters. Will Taichi and Yamato's relationship survive?

Read it here

xposted all over the place... >_>;;
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New Digimon Communities on Insane Journal [19 Aug 2007|04:12pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Since a lot of people have been leaving LJ or at least using other blogging communities as well, I thought I'd start a community for those of us who have decided to use Insane Journal instead of / along with our LJs.

Because LJ has now officially banned all content that has under-aged or even possibly under-aged characters in sexual situations, and all graphic sexual content that 'has no artist merit', and everyone in Digimon IS under 18, people should be warned that it's possible this community and its users will be banned at some point. :\  So for those of you who want, Insane Journal has officially stated that they allow all that stuff and won't be deleting anyone unless they get a legal order to do so. So we can write all the Digimon slash we want over there without any concern of having our blogs or communities deleted and stuff lost! Personally, I'm just going to use both, so that if my LJ is deleted, I won't lose anything.

On that note, here's the new Digimon Slash community on IJ. Everyone is totally invited to use that for their Insane Journal accounts if they're making the switch / doubling up! ^_^ The community allows all slash, yuri, yaoi, and anything involving alternative-lifestyles such as cross-dressing or transgender, as long as it's not het. (There's a new general Digimon community on IJ for that stuff. ^_^)

Hope to see people over there! ^_^ I'd hate to lose all the great fics and art the LJ Digimon communities have supplied me with just because of LJ's new rules. ;-;

PS: This isn't meant to bash anyone or 'steal members' or anything. Like I said, I'm just gonna use both. However, any under-aged content on LJ is now against the rules, so unless you wanna take the risk, it's probably best to at least post that stuff on IJ. *nodnod*

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[17 Jan 2007|03:12pm]

Hey, if you don't know about it, there is the history of fan fiction wiki project which is basically as stated: A wiki dedicated to chronicling the history of fan fiction. It desperately needs contributions and assistance with updating articles from people other than myself.

A page I thought might be of interest to you is Digimon and Yuri which both need work in a couple of areas including identifying the well known and influential fans, finding out important dates and events that took place in the community, any fandom specific terminology and details of any kerfluffles that took place in the community. If you have the time and inclination, I would be extremely grateful for any updates you could make to the Digimon article, the Yuri article or any other article.
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Hi! [20 Aug 2006|06:05pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

I recently grabbed Mimi/Sora at otp_100, because I love them both and they have plenty of 'suspect' moments. Sora breaking into Mimi's bedroom being one of the most amusing.

So in case you're interested, most of them are Mimi-centric so far, as she's stupidly easy for me to write, but Sora gets her moments. They're on my ffn account, gathered under the title 'Bloom,' and most are kinda short.

Title: Bloom
Rating: Anywhere from G to PG, depending.
Pairing(s): Sora/Mimi
Warning(s): 'Glass' is sort of a pre-lemon. Nothing happens, but you know what they're about to do.
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3066344/1/

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[18 Aug 2006|01:00am]

Revolutionary Girls is the title. Here we go! May contain spoilers for Utena. Written for the Hero Worship challenge at digimondrabbles

Perhaps it was a silly adolescent fantasy, but Yolei couldn't shake the image in her mind.Collapse )
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WELCOME! [11 Dec 2004|11:28am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello everyone and welcome to digimon_yuri, an LJ community dedicated to the F/F relationships and pairings from the anime series Digimon. Feel free to post discussions, essays, fan fiction and fan art pertaining to your favorite couple.

The rules for the community can be found here.
Have fun everyone, and play nice.

~aristide (MOD)

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